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25-AUG-16 .F.4-14/2015 Orientation and Briefing Officer
24-AUG-16 .F.4-77/2015 Assistant Director
18-AUG-16 .F.4-83/2014 Associate Professor / Vice Principal Male
18-AUG-16 .F.4-12/2015 Charge / Staff Nurse Female
17-AUG-16 .F.4-239/2014 Charge / Staff Nurse Female
17-AUG-16 .F.4-102/2015 Charge / Staff Nurse Female Civilian
15-AUG-16 .F.4-129/2015 Zoologist
12-AUG-16 .F.4-241/2014 Computer Operator
12-AUG-16 .F.4-167/2014 Veterinary Officer
12-AUG-16 .F.4-186/2014 Patrol Officer
12-AUG-16 .F.4-116/2014 Deputy Director
12-AUG-16 .F.4-140/2015 Inspector
12-AUG-16 .F.4-175/2015 Pathologist-cum-Bacteriologist
12-AUG-16 .F.4-72/2015 Junior Establishment and Finance Officer
10-AUG-16 .F.4-41/2015 Deputy Director
10-AUG-16 .F.4-117/2015 Programmer
10-AUG-16 .F.4-135/2015 Deputy Director I.R
10-AUG-16 .F.4-152/2013 Stenographer
09-AUG-16 .F.4-107/2014 Assistant Professor
09-AUG-16 .F.4-16/2015 Accountant
08-AUG-16 .F.4-189/2015 Microfilming Officer
08-AUG-16 .F.4-119/2015 Medical Officer
05-AUG-16 .F.193/2014 National Savings Officer

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