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28-AUG-14 .F.4-49/2013 Vice Principal
27-AUG-14 .F.4-183/2013 Store Officer
27-AUG-14 .F.4-36/2013 Staff Officer-III(Stat)
27-AUG-14 .F.4-49/2014 Senior Teacher Male Mathematics
27-AUG-14 .F.4-7/2013 Assistant Controller of Stores and Purchase
19-AUG-14 .F.4-160/2013 Archaeological Conservator
06-AUG-14 .F.4-45/2013 HeadMaster
05-AUG-14 .F.4-109/2013 Assistant Executive Engineer Civil
05-AUG-14 .F.4-30/2014 Assistant Executive Engineer
04-AUG-14 .F.4-179/2014 Assistant Director

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