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21-JUL-14 .F.4-16/2014 Foreman
21-JUL-14 .F.4-102/2014 Director Ports and Administration
21-JUL-14 .F.4-31/2014 Subject Specialist Female Pak.Studies
21-JUL-14 .F.4-59/2014 Assistant Director Technical
21-JUL-14 .F.4-34/2014 Civilian Medical Practitioner(CMP)
18-JUL-14 .F.4-64/2014 Veterinary Officer Civilian
17-JUL-14 .F.4-44/2014 Computer Instructor
16-JUL-14 .F.4-56/2014 Administrative Officer
16-JUL-14 .F.4-01/2014 Agriculture Engineer
15-JUL-14 .F.4-100/2014 Engineer and Ship Surveyor
14-JUL-14 .F.4-99/2014 Deputy Chief Nautical Surveyor
10-JUL-14 .F.4-109/2014 TGT Male Mathematics
04-JUL-14 .F.4-14/2014 Assistant Mechanical Engineer

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