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1. The objective of Psychological Assessment is to estimate your abilities and personality characteristics with special regard to your aptitude for the civil services. The procedure involves different exercises spread over two days.

2. On the first day you will be given written tests the purpose of which is to assess you and collect information about your interests, opinions and personal preferences etc.

No preparation is required for Psychological Tests. Just be yourself, respond to the questions freely. Express your true feelings, opinions and judgments as they are.

3. On the second day you will participate in group activities. These include two group discussions one in Urdu and one in English on general topics, about which you might have read, discussed with those around you and formed some opinion of your own. Subsequently you will get a problem usually related to problems encountered in every day working in administrative, educational or social set ups. The purpose of these group tasks is to see your ability to work individually as well with others within a specified time.

You will be rated primarily on the way you grasp and comprehend the issues, present and develop your ideas, exhibit your insight in the logical analysis and effectiveness of your approach to arrive at the solution of the problem within the allotted time.

4. It is of little significance whether you favour or oppose any issue as long as your reasoning is convincing and your arguments are sound. Hence the part you play in the group tasks is expected to demonstrate whether you possess adequate potential and qualities that are required in members of civil services of Pakistan.

5. The same day after the group session is over, you will meet psychologists for a brief interview for providing any additional information that may be required to complete the record.

6. Please bring supporting documents for your extracurricular activities, job experience, publications etc.

7. Viva Voce will be conducted by the Commission according to the schedule provided to you separately.

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