Psychological Assessment Wing



Purpose of Establishment: Psychological Assessment Wing was set up in 1963. Its main function is to assist the Commission in selection and placement of candidates for various jobs and occupations. It is also responsible for all technical aspects related to test construction, development etc.

Objective of Psychological Assessment: The objective of Psychological Assessment is to estimate candidate’s abilities and personality characteristics with special regard to their aptitude for the public services. FPSC has been using a combination of the major psychological techniques i.e. paper and pencil tests; situation tests with devised observation techniques; and psychological interview.

For Whom Conducted Presently: Psychological Assessment is conducted for the induction into Occupational groups of Civil Services in following categories.

1. Written qualified Candidates of Competitive examination (General population).
2. Nominees of Armed Forces for induction in DMG, PSP & FSP.

Procedure Involved:

Different exercises spread over two days.
a) On the first day, a candidate is given written tests.
b) On the second day, the candidate participates in group activities and interview with the Psychologists.

Important Notes:

- No preparation of the candidates is required for Psychological Tests. They just respond to the  questions freely and Express true feelings and opinions.

- The candidates have to bring supporting documents for extra curricular activities, job experience, publications etc.

- Disabled candidates in the categories of physically impaired, hearing/speech impaired and visually impaired must mention in their application form clearly about their nature of disability and type of assistance/facilities required at the time of written as well as psychological assessment.

Cautions: Mobile Phone, Pagers, Digital Diaries or any other communication devices are not allowed in Testing as well as group discussion and interview room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question No. 1
What is the purpose of Psychological Assessment?
The objective of Psychological Assessment is to estimate abilities and personality characteristics of the candidates with special regard to their aptitude for the civil services i.e. whether they possess the potential and qualities, that are required as a member of the civil services of Pakistan.

Question No. 2
How long does the Psychological Assessment last?
The complete process involves different exercises spread over two working days.

Question No. 3
What should be the dress at the time of Psychological Assessment?
To conform to the formality of the occasion, the candidates should dress properly, appropriate to the weather, buttons done up, etc. and those who do not keep a beard must be freshly shaved. Informal dress such as T-shirts, Jeans/Denims, etc. is not desirable for the occasion.

Question No. 4
What sort of Preparation is required For Psychological Assessment?
No preparation is required for Psychological Tests. Just be yourself, respond to the questions freely. Express  true feelings, opinions, and judgements etc. as per reality on ground.

Question No. 5
Can one appear in the Viva Voce if one could not appear in the Psychological Tests?